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Being a doula, everything I do is all about you! I will tailor your education and support to what is most important to you and what we think you'd benefit the most from. Each pregnancy and birth is unique so we can't copy and paste from somebody else's experience.

These packages are basic starting points to give you a guide on what I offer.


Pregnancy support includes two prenatal information/support sessions to help you plan for your birth. (2 hours each)

We can cover off any specific concerns you might have about your own pregnancy and birth experience.


We'll design a birth plan for you outlining your wishes as well as power you and your partner up with knowledge and information to ensure you're feeling really empowered and comfortable advocating for yourself.

We also get practical and cover off positions for labour and other tools for your birth experience like visualisations, aromatherapy, water etc. 



Pregnancy and birth includes two prenatal visits to cover off your birth preparation outlined to the left as well as constant support from the time you book me up until after you give birth.

It also includes me being on call for 2 weeks either side of your due date and my attendance at your birth.

It also includes one session the week following your birth to debrief your birth experience and set you up with any support you require in your postpartum journey.



Postpartum support involves me helping you once baby has arrived.

As with everything, this is tailored to what you need but can include things such as:

  • Support with breastfeeding

  • Support with settling/sleeping

  • Any other help with baby

  • Minding children whilst you shower/rest/do anything you need to

  •  Light cleaning

  • Meal preparation/grocery shopping

  • Organising any services you might need such as a women's physio, counsellor etc.

Price per 3 hour session.
Discount for multiple sessions


Contact me for more information or to book in your support package

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