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Welcome little one!

What on earth do I do with this tiny little thing?!

Yep, you've been daydreaming for months on end about what this moment would be like.. and now they are here, in your arms! But what are you supposed to do? Surely there is a manual or something you can refer to?       

If only it were that simple!

Once the adrenalin rush wears off from your kick-ass efforts in the labour suite, life as a mama has begun. You are probably exhausted, hungry, feel sore and gross, want a champagne after 9 hard months work and a soft cheese platter! 

Post-Partum can be so overwhelming and tough.. it is amazing too, don't get me wrong! But you need more support now than ever.. and for some reason you feel more alone than ever. Juggling the 1000 people who want to have cute newborn cuddles, learning how to change poo explosions, boobs that squirt milk everywhere and hurt like hell and the need for 3 weeks worth of sleep can be really hard.

That's where I can also offer a hand, in post-partum a doula is maybe even more valuable than the pregnancy support for some.

Some help learning how these tiny humans work, getting them feeding, working out sleeping, getting you some sleep and rest, helping with some jobs around the house (20 loads of laundry a day), and cooking you some wholesome foods.. McDonalds drive-through gets old real quick!

Again, we can tailor this to what you need help with and how much. I am a mum myself and I honestly had no idea how full on those first few weeks would be. The hormones alone are insane.. I would just cry in my kitchen for absolutely no reason, and then when I did have a reason to cry, I would full on ugly sob. I want to help support you through those weeks and months cos Mama, you got this!

Mother Baby Bonding
Image by zelle duda
Newborn Baby
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