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You've got this mama!

Eeeeekk.. It is time to meet your precious little bundle of joy!

Now for the fun part! So many people are so scared about labour, I know I was terrified when I realised how huge my belly was and went oh my gosh, how does that baby fit through my tiny opening! Trust me, it does... and I will be there to help you with every second of that process.

As with the pregnancy, this is a super unique experience for everyone.. so there is no set algorithm on how it works. I'll chat to you and work out what we think works best for you and suits your birth plan.

On the day I'll be very fluid and we will go with the flow. I will be there to offer you support - whether that be massage, suggesting different positions to try, breathing and visualisation techniques, getting you drinks, helping you in and out of the shower/bath, whatever you need! I am also there to support your amazing support partner.. It can be super overwhelming, so I'll help them as much as I can to stay strong, and look after you if they need a little break.

I'll advocate for your wishes and what we talked through prior for your birth plan, and be your voice of reason when you need me to be.

Once that gorgeous little baby has made their entrance, I'll be there to help you get plenty of skin-to-skin contact ASAP, and help with any decisions about immunisations, cord cutting, what you want to do with the placenta, breastfeeding etc.

Image by Jonathan Borba
Newborn Baby with Mom
Image by Rebekah Vos
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