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congratulations mama!

How exciting, you are going to be a Mama! Maybe for the first time, or maybe this is your second, third or tenth. A doula is such a powerful and important support to you no matter how many times you've given birth before.

I am here to help guide you through your pregnancy journey and prep you for the big day. I want you to be EDUCATED and EMPOWERED. It is so important that you understand your body, your baby and what happens in labour.

We need you to understand how physiologically birth works, what happens to your body as you grow that amazing little human, what happens to them as they grow, and prepare you for meeting them.

Preparation is key. I will meet with you and your partner to do some training and education, usually 2 sessions to get you prepped and ready to go. 


We will do some birth education in the first session to make sure you understand what's happening. Then we will do some activities to help understand what you want and how you feel about certain aspects of your pregnancy.


Session two will be creating a birth plan, learning some positions and ways we can help to manage your pain in labour and other birth preparation. 


It doesn't matter what your birth ends up looking like, whether it's at home, hospital (public or private), cesarean, induction etc. I am available to help you with all types and support you. We will tailor all your pregnancy prep if you already know the plan, otherwise we can cover off all aspects. This is all about YOU, so each session is tailored to you and your partners needs.

Pregnant Belly
Prenatal Yoga
Image by Kelly Sikkema
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